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Introducing home grooming for the first time? Looking for ways to make the experience more enjoyable for your dog? Fancy Fido Groomers has compiled a list of grooming tips to make home care easier between parlour visits.

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Puppy grooming

Ideally, grooming should be introduced early on in your dog's life to give them the chance to get used to being handled. With time, it should become something that they grow to enjoy. They may try to get away at first, and it's normal for them to pull and turn in different directions. What's more, they may try to nibble at the brush and comb. In these scenarios, I always recommend being patient. Try to overlook this behaviour, persevere, and keep the grooming session short and fun.


TIP: Give your puppy a little treat when they allow you to brush them without objecting, and reinforce that this is a positive, enjoyable experience for them.


The benefits of regularly brushing your dog

Brushing and combing your dog at home is important between visits to the groomer. Not only does regular brushing prevent the coat from becoming knotty and matted, but it also:

Tackles knots, matting, and removes loose hair and dander
Prevents the coat from becoming greasy and dull
Minimises the effects of irritated, itchy skin
Allows you to check for things like grass seeds and parasites
Encourages good circulation for a healthy skin and coat
Strengthens a loving bond between you and your pet

Why dogs need regular grooming

Without regular grooming, your dog is at risk of developing knots and matting. In severe cases where there are large matted areas, there is no option other than to clip the coat off.

Cutting away knots and matting to make sure this dog is happy and comfortable
Matted dog fur

Home grooming tips

So often, dog owners tell me, "my dog won't let me groom him!" Whilst it can be tricky, perseverance from an early age is key and with time, dog grooming becomes easier. To help you minimise the chance of knots and matting, I've compiled some of my tried and tested grooming tips for you to try at home.

If possible, get someone to help you so that they can hold your pet while you brush him or her.
Grooming alone? Keep a collar and lead on them, then tie it to something unmovable and secure*.
Alternatively, use your foot to secure the lead in place. This method ensures you have two free hands to continue the grooming process.
Using a brush or comb, part the coat so that you can see the hair roots and then brush the hair, layer by layer, instead of brushing over the top of the coat. Doing so minimises knots forming underneath.
Try to include a few brushing sessions a week into the care of your pet. Brushing layer by layer will mean brushing sessions should only take a few minutes.
Make sure to brush your pet regularly. If knots and matts form in the coat, your pet will object when you try to tug at large knots. Understandably, this will cause stress and discomfort.

*Be sure to check that the lead is tied to an object that cannot be toppled or dragged along.

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